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2012 Cannes Film Festival – L’Oreal+Cannes Dinner

Attending her fourth event at the 65th Annual Cannes International Film Festival, Freida Pinto was photographed at the L’Oreal Paris+Cannes Film Festival’s 15th Anniversary Dinner. She looked great once again, this time in a white dress with golden details. Click on the preview to the left to check out the pictures in our photo gallery. Out of the four, which has been your favorite look for Freida so far this Cannes Film Festival? Personally I really liked her in the lime dress from the previous post. She truly looked stunning, sexy and confident.

Posted on May 18, 2012 under Gallery Updates, L'Oreal Paris, Public Events

2012 Cannes Film Festival – ‘De Rouille et D’os’ Premiere

Freida Pinto continued to stun (though when does she not?) on the red carpet of this year’s Cannes International Film Festival yesterday. This time she looked breathtaking in a lime-colored Atelier Versace dress, posing next to fellow L’Oreal spokesperson Jane Fonda, at the premiere of De Rouille et D’os (also known as Rust & Bone). Over 100 beautiful pictures of Freida have been added to the photo gallery.

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Two New Projects Announced for Freida!

We finally know what the “secret projects” that Freida’s involved in are! Indiewire reported that she’s starring in the Belgian/Congo period romance drama titled The Catastrophist. Freida will play the Italian journalist Ines, next to Dan Stevens from Downtown Abbey and rapper K’Naan in this “love story, historical novel and troubling reflection on Africa’s ongoing political upheaval.” Filming is due to start in Tanzania in February 2013. The other project, reported by Forbes, is a movie about life in Iran for a young man who’s trying to push the limits of the repressive culture. It’s sort of like Footloose in Iran. Reece Ritchie is the dancing fool, Freida plays his girlfriend. First time director Afshin Ghaffarin is directing. Now word yet on when production starts.

Two very different projects, but both will be interesting to follow. Freida has said that she’s been working out for the past months for a film role, could it be for the latter one? Which one are you most excited to see?

Posted on May 17, 2012 under Movie News

2012 Cannes Film Festival – Opening Night Dinner

After attending the opening ceremony of this year’s Cannes International Film Festival earlier today, Freida Pinto changed into her second look of the day as she continued to the opening night dinner. This time she stunned in a black Versace dress, as she was photographed entering the event. Click on the previews below to view all the pictures in our photo gallery, as per usual. Which was your favorite look of day one?

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2012 Cannes Film Festival – Opening Ceremony

As previously stated, Freida Pinto will walk the red carpet during the ongoing 65th Annual Cannes International Film Festival in Cannes, France. She attended the official opening ceremony and premiere of Moonrise Kingdom earlier today – looking more stunning than ever! And that says a lot, when talking about Freida Pinto. Seriousy. Wow. Go view all the pictures from the opening ceremony in our photo gallery!

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Freida Pinto Visits Sierra Leone

Here’s another reason to love Freida Pinto. She’s currently on a three-day visit in Sierra Leone to encourage children in Makeni “not to give up hope” as there is a bright future ahead of them because of the courage and determination she has seen in them. Speaking to the children at the Girls Making Media Project, Freida Pinto stated that children have right to education, and their rights are to be respected and preserved even by their parents and the communities they find themselves.

“I am here also to learn from these girls,” she declared, adding, “I am really moved by the courage of the children because at their ages, they can be able to use the media effectively and they know what they want, and they can speak to their parents about what they want. This has made me believe strongly that even with the ten years war this country has gone through, you the girls still have hope and I really admire the way you look and analyze issues affecting your lives,” she stated.

During her interaction with some of the girls involved in child rights advocacy, the Slumdog Millionaire star questioned the girls about their aspirations and why they decided to be advocates for their rights and the rights of their colleagues. The girl advocates and some of the girls explained different experiences and encounters with their families, friends, and even society with regards discrimination against girls. Freida Pinto assured the girls that she will pay attention to their stories as they have reported to her to ensure that their world is made a better place for them. She noted, “It does not take a famous person to make changes but the will and mind set of the individual.”

She said that throughout her trip, all that she has learnt from the children will strengthen her hope and resolve in her campaign to empower young girls and boys for the development of the world. During the meeting with the Deputy Mayor of Makeni, Isatu Fofanah, she said she was happy for the visit and disclosed that in the past, education for girls in the district was a taboo as parents do not send their girl- child to school, but the inception of FAWE awareness about sending the girl-child to school washed away that old held tradition that discriminated against the girl-child being sent to school. “With this awareness by FAWE, girls are now coming out and getting education and this has helped them to take part in decision making processes in their communities,” she noted. She however expressed concern that they are still grappling with what she said was “the admiration” girls are having for their colleagues involved in petty trading which she said “is seriously impacting on the level at which the girls go in their education.” She called for civil society engagement in this area, “to preserve the continuity of girls in schools and vocational institutions,” she said.

Big thanks to visitor Emmanuelle for the heads up and the Awoko Newspaper for the article. How great is Freida?!

Posted on May 12, 2012 under Charity Work