15th Annual SAG Awards: First Look

The 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards has started! Freida is in attendance, wearing a floor-length light blue dress – looking absolutely fantastic. It might just be one of my personal favorite looks to date! View first pictures below!

Update: Freida and Dev Patel were presenting a clip from Slumdog Millionaire on stage just moments ago!

Update: The award for Best Supporting Actor went to Heath Ledger. Congrats for the nomination, though, Dev!

Update: The cast of Slumdog Millionaire won the final award for the night; Best Ensemble!! Congratulations to everyone in the cast for this well-deserved honor! Freida even did a shout out to the young actors in the movie!

Check back soon again for tons of coverage from tonight’s event!

Freida to present at tonight’s SAG Awards

The 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG Awards in short) will be held tonight at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, CA. Freida Pinto has been announced as one of the presenters of the show, and therefore definitely will attend the award ceremony!

Slumdog Millionaire is nominated for the following awards:

  • Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture
  • Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role – Dev Patel

Be sure to visit Freida Pinto Fan for your first view on Freida’s look, and to find out if Slumdog wins any of the awards! See you all tonight!

20th Annual Producers Guild Awards

Yesterday, the 20th Annual Producers Guild Awards was held in Los Angeles, and Freida Pinto along with the rest of the main cast and crew were all in attendance. Ms. Pinto looked classy and beautiful in a tan floor-length dress as she posed for photographers. The first 40 60 66 photos have been added to the gallery.

Slumdog Millionaire picked up the biggest award of the night – Producer of the Year in Theatrical Motion Picture. A huge congratulations to producer Christian Colson for this well-deserved award! Now, check out the photos from yesterday’s event!

Freida breaks off engagement?

Freids breaks off engagement?Nothing talks like success. Ask Freida Pinto who shot to fame after playing Latika in the award-winning film, Slumdog Millionaire . No longer is Freida the girl next door who lived a simple life prior to the film’s release. After receiving rave reviews for her performance, Freida’s future only looks brighter.

Consequently, her newfound success has changed many things in her life. And that includes her relationship status. According to an industry insider, Freida recently broke up with her Bangalore-based fiancé. “Success is what prompted the actress to cut off all past ties that could pose as a barrier between her and the dizzying heights of fame post Slumdog Millionaire. She now knows that bigger things are in store for her. She was engaged to someone from Bangalore and all was well until Slumdog Millionaire released and everyone applauded the film. It went on to win four Golden Globe awards. Evidently, Freida didn’t want to get caught up in the regular routine life just when her career was taking off. So, she decided to call off the engagement and instead concentrate on her career,” said the source.
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2008/2009 Event Photos

As the title implies, I have added lots of photos from various events Freida’s attended in 2008 and 2009. They range from film festivals to award shows and Slumdog Millionaire promotions. Click on the previews below to view all of the newly added pictures.

Freida on the Late Late Show

Freida will appear on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to promote Slumdog Millionaire on January 28! The show airs 12:35 AM, in other words – late, on CBS. Also on the show the same night is actor Cuba Gooding Jr.

Be sure to visit Freida Pinto Fan for coverage from the show!

Freida: I’m an actor, not a star

article001Freida Pinto, female lead in the much acclaimed Slumdog Millionaire, is enjoying every minute of her new found stardom. “It’s been a great homecoming,” she says with a tired but contented smile. The Indian premiere last night has kept the jet-lagged actress on her toes ever since she came back from the Golden Globes.

“I need to treasure these moments for the rest of my life. For someone who’s never acted before, this break was a blessing. Working for Danny Boyle was like attending the best acting school. When we started working, he told me, ‘Life isn’t always the same. Brace yourself for the world!’ The attention does get overwhelming at times and I’m still getting used to it. I’m a shy, reserved girl. Even when today someone compliments me, I get very embarrassed,” she says with laugh.

The last week has been almost surreal for the ex-Xavierite. “Suddenly everyone needs my opinion and wants to know everything about me! Just yesterday a man stopped me to ask if he could take a picture with me. The adulation has been very unexpected. At the Golden Globes, I felt like Alice in Wonderland on the red carpet. Being among all those stars was a very humbling experience and was even more special because I’ve struggled to get where I am,” says the dusky beauty.

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Slumdog Millionaire Mumbai events, Part Two

To continue the previous post, I’ve now added eight photos from the Mumbai premiere of Slumdog Millionaire! Freida looked very pretty and more traditional than usual in a Sari. Judging by the pictures, she seemed to have very fun walking down the red carpet.

Slumdog Millionaire Mumbai events, Part One

Freida has been to several Slumdog Millionaire-related events the past few days. I have now added pictures from the official photocall and press conference of the movie to the gallery, where she looked beautiful in two different blue dresses. Click on the previews below to check them out!

Freida’s reaction to Oscar nominations

Even though Freida herself didn’t receive an Academy Award nomination (she did deserve a Best Supporting Actress nod!), she’s been quoted amongst all of the “celebrity reactions”. Check out what she had to say below!

“The entire Slumdog Millionaire experience has exceeded my wildest expectations. I feel thrilled and so thankful that Danny had faith in me even though I had no past experience in films. Hailing from Mumbai, it means even more to me that a film about this unique city has been nominated for such a prestigious award. It’s been an absolute honor to have worked with such a passionate team and its wonderful to know that critics and audiences across the globe have loved what we have worked so hard to achieve.”

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