First ‘Immortals’ Press Interviews Arrive

The expansive press tour for Immortals has started! A bunch of interviews with the cast was released earlier today, and Freida Pinto is featured in most of them. She was interviewed by E!, Access Hollywood and The Insider alongside Stephen Dorff in the first videos to be released. They also include Henry Cavill, Luke Evans and Mickey Rourke.

Watch the E! interview in our video archive (Stephen Dorff has some really nice things to say about our girl), and the HD screen captures in the gallery. Below is the interview by Access Hollywood, and you can find the first picture of Freida, Stephen and interviewer Brooke Anderson from The Insider in the gallery as well.

Keep checking back as tons of more Immortals media will start rolling in! For now – enjoy!

Big ‘Immortals’ Video Archive Update

First of all, I have modified the theme here at Freida Pinto Fan to spotlight the upcoming blockbuster Immortals – opening on November 11! – and Freida’s role as Phaedra. It’s not really a big change, but it’s something! Hope you like it!

Secondly, I have updated the video archive with all the featurettes that have been released so far, as well as an interview with Freida Pinto. They’re all very interesting in definitely worth a look! Simply click here to watch all the newly added videos – we now have over 100 of them in the archive!

New ‘Immortals’ Featurette Spotlights Phaedra

Relativity continues to promote their upcoming fantasy/adventure/epic Immortals, this time with a featurette that focuses on Freida Pinto’s Phaedra. As an oracle priestess, Phaedra (and her visions) joins Theseus on his journey to destroy King Hyperion. The movie is unleashed in theatres nationwide on November 11! Watch the featurette below.

First Poster and Trailer for ‘Black Gold’ are Here

As the fourth update for this special day – once again, Happy birthday, Freida! – I have added the first (French) poster for Black Gold to the gallery! It’s very simple, but cool and golden (duh), and will probably serve as a good first teaser poster for the movie.

Not only that, but the very first trailer has been released as well! Although it’s in French as well, you get the idea of the movie and Freida looks beautiful as Princess Lallah. I have added the screen captures to the photo gallery as well. Watch the trailer at French movie website!

Four New TV Spots for ‘Immortals’

In the past few days/weeks, several new TV spots for Immortals have been unleashed onto the web. I have added all of them to the Freida Pinto Fan Video Archive for your viewing pleasure. With each clip released from the movie, I’m getting more and more excited to see it. And the best part? It’s released in theatres a month from today, on the special 11.11.11 date! Be sure to head on over to the video archive right away to see the new videos!

In related news, according to our friends at Isabel Lucas Online, the world premiere of Immortals will be held on November 8 in Los Angeles! Hopefully (probably) Freida Pinto will be in attendance along with the rest of her awesome co-stars. If so, we will provide you with coverage from the event, as always.

Also, for you US visitors MTV has released a behind the scenes-featurette from the movie. Watch it here. As mentioned, it’s only available for US residents.

Links to the new Immortals videos:

TIFF 2011 Coverage: ‘Trishna’ Video Interview

Yes, there actually is more to report from this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. Freida Pinto was interviewed by BBC about how the original book Tess of the d’Urbervilles translated to today’s India, the graphic sex scenes of the movie and how Dev Patel received the movie. Be sure to watch the lovely interview below!

Also, I have added a photo of a beautiful Freida backstage at the press screening, held Saturday during TIFF, to the gallery. See it here!

TIFF 2011 Coverage: ‘Trishna’ Premiere

As mentioned before, the world premiere of Trishna was yesterday during the Toronto International Film Festival! Freida Pinto attended the event, looking absolutely smashing in Valentino, posing next to boyfriend Dev Patel and director Michael Winterbottom. After the premiere, the crowd continued to the premiere dinner and after party at the BlackBerry Inside Film Lounge at Brassaii restaurant.

I have added the first photos from both events to the gallery. Click on the previews below to see them all, as per usual. Stay tuned for more from this year’s Toronto International Film Festival!

First Teaser Trailer from ‘Trishna’ Released

The very first teaser trailer for Trishna has been released! While it has no speaking in it, it’s set to beautiful music (by Amit Trivedi) and stunning scenery with Freida Pinto and Riz Ahmed as the stars. Directed by Michael Winterbottom, Trishna is set to premiere on September 9 during the Toronto International Film Festival.

I don’t really know what to make of the story (since the whole trailer is set to music), but it looks to be beautifully shot and I’m definitely intrigued by it. Check it out below and let me know what you think!

Third ‘Immortals’ Trailer Released

A third trailer for Immortals has been released by MSN Movies! It features tons of action scenes (that, by the way, look awesome) as well as a few new quick glimpses of Freida Pinto’s character Phaedra. I’m really excited for this movie, 11.11.11 can’t come soon enough! Watch the new trailer for Immortals below.

Video Clip from ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’

I have now added a video clip of Freida Pinto on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon yesterday. Freida was super-cute as she and Jimmy discussed one of her favorite TV-shows Small Wonder and her new movie, Rise of The Planet of The Apes. Be sure to watch it below! Screen captures of her appearance are up next.

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