New Webmaster!

Guys, after so many months with any update, the Freida Pinto Fan is back, with 2 new webmaster, Jenny and Julia.

We hope that you enjoy, dont forget to follow us in our instagram account!

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New Design

As you can see Freida Pinto Fan has a new design, made by myself (Xella). I choose dark color for this new design, with the perfect Interview photoshoot of Freida. I hope you’ll like it. Please, let me know what you think about it! I’ve added some new things in the sidebar, like the latest uploads, a search form, and also the official twitter account of Freida Pinto. Enjoy!


New owner

Hello everyone!! I’m Xella, the new owner of Freida Pinto Fan. You may already know me from Amber Heard Fan or Vanity Designs. I’m happy to get this new website because I really like Freida since a while now, since I saw her in Slumdog Millionaire, an amazing movie! I’ll update the website as soon as possible.

You can take a lot to the latest uploads in the pictures gallery, I’ve added some new pictures, and updated some others. Please be sure to contact me if you need anything. I hope you’re happy that the website will come back soon! Stay online!

New Layout at Freida Pinto Fan

As you may have noticed, we have a brand new design here at Freida Pinto Fan! The previous one was a bit too heavy for the summer, so I thought that this quite simple layout would suit the current season better. The photo gallery has already been integrated to the new look, and so will the video archive and press library too, in the coming days. The black & white header will be changed time-to-time, to represent the current activity for Freida. I hope you will like the change, please drop a comment before you leave. Thanks!

Welcome to Version 7 of Freida Pinto Fan

First of all, I want to apologize for the lack of updates as of late. I’ve been out of town (New York City, to be more specific) and without Internet access, except for the rare Twitter-updates I’ve managed to do. But we’re back now – with a brand new layout to boot!

For a more festive look to celebrate the winter and different holidays that still lies ahead, I have managed to come up with a new look featuring a beautiful picture of Freida Pinto from the photoshoot she did for Blackbook magazine last year. I will continue with the regular updates as well as update all the pages on the site with new information. You can look forward to a few new pages as well. Keep checking back for all that!

I hope you will like the new Freida Pinto Fan and keep visiting the site. Any thoughts on the layout? Write me a comment! Thanks. Also, if you find any bugs or other things that I’ve missed, please let me know by dropping a comment or e-mail me ( Thank you, and enjoy!

More Photos from the World Premiere of ‘Immortals’

Another batch consisting of 54 HQ pictures from the world premiere of Immortals has been added to the gallery. The event was held at the Nokia Theatre on Los Angeles on Monday, with the entire cast in attendance. Freida Pinto looked beautiful (one of her best looks of the year!) and was photographed next to co-stars Luke Evans and Isabel Lucas.

Speaking of; I have added a video of Freida and Izzy talking about Immortals with Nessa on Air during a press junket for the movie. Click here to watch it in the video archive!

Also, don’t forget to send in your answer for the name of Freida Pinto’s character in Immortals, either through twitter @freidapintofan or e-mail For more information on the cool merchandise you can win, go here. The competition ends tonight, so don’t wait to send in the correct answer!

Big ‘Immortals’ Video Archive Update

First of all, I have modified the theme here at Freida Pinto Fan to spotlight the upcoming blockbuster Immortals – opening on November 11! – and Freida’s role as Phaedra. It’s not really a big change, but it’s something! Hope you like it!

Secondly, I have updated the video archive with all the featurettes that have been released so far, as well as an interview with Freida Pinto. They’re all very interesting in definitely worth a look! Simply click here to watch all the newly added videos – we now have over 100 of them in the archive!

Videos of Freida on ‘Tonight Show with Jay Leno’

As mentioned before, Freida Pinto appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno yesterday. She looked stunning in a red dress, talking to Jay (and Matt LeBlanc) about wanting to become a wedding planner, marriage and, of course, her role in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It’s a great interview, so be sure to watch the clips I’ve embedded below.

Stay tuned for a video of the entire interview (which I shall add to the video archive later) as well as HD screen captures from it. Also, expect tons of pictures from the world premiere of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, held yesterday, which are coming in a few!

Welcome to Freida Pinto Fan – Version 5

Just as promised, here is the brand new version of Freida Pinto Fan! I know it’s long overdue, but better late than never, right? For the new look I featured a (breathtakingly beautiful) photo of Freida from a L’Oreal Paris-shoot, as well as re-arranged the setup of the news and updates. This way you will have an easier time catching up with all the latest on Miss Pinto. I will also incorporate the gallery into the new design in the coming days, as well as update the video archive.

However, that is not all. I will update all the pages with new and/or updated information, add the last few missing pictures to the gallery and add lots of videos to the archive. Stay tuned for all that and more!

I really hope you like the new look, please drop a comment with your opinion before you leave. And if you encounter any bugs or obvious mistakes with the new layout, please don’t be afraid to contact me at Thank you!

Let the Regular Updates Continue!

Hi everyone! I’m back from my travels through South and Central America (fantastic) and ready to resume the regular updates again! I know that there are several things we’ve missed these past months, but I’ll be sure to add all the material as soon as I possibly can from now on. Things you can expect to see are brand new layouts, tons of photos, videos and updates on the site-pages! Be sure to stick around for all that and more. See you soon again!

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