Freida Pinto on the Life-Changing Magic of Saying “No”

Can someone in Hollywood please find a funny role for Freida Pinto? Her sister, Sharon, is begging you.

When the 32-year-old actress told her sibling she’d signed on to make Showtime’s ’70s underground activist drama Guerrilla, Sharon had some concerns: “Do you get raped? Do you get killed? What happens?”

Understandable. Since Pinto hip-swiveled and thumka’d off the screen of 2009’s Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire and into fashion magazine pages everywhere, she’s appeared in a host of serious-issue films. Movies like Miral, directed by Julian Schnabel, about a Palestinian girl caught in the Arab-Israeli conflict; Desert Dancer, about a young Iranian who risks his life to work for his art; and the upcoming Love Sonia, a drug-trafficking drama in which Pinto stars as the owner of a brothel.

Now, in Guerrilla, written and produced by John Ridley (12 Years a Slave) and co-starring Idris Elba, Pinto plays a nurse radicalized by an underground cell in London in the early 1970s. Pinto describes the six-episode series as “my dream television gig”—i.e., “six heavy, intense, juicy, entertaining episodes of something that will get people talking.

But Pinto is also ready for an upbeat turn, and she promises she’s not as dark as some of her roles suggest. “I’m very bright on life in general,” she says, sipping a turmeric latte with almond milk, no sweetener, at Bardonna, a coffee-house in Larchmont, near her Los Angeles home. “But in performances, I like getting out of myself.” Plus Guerrilla, she says, has at least a few moments of lightness and levity. (Sharon apparently responded to this by saying Pinto had “a very f—ed-up sense of ‘light.’ ”)

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Photos of Freida Pinto at Coachella 2017

After doing press for Guerrilla – finally premiering tomorrow night on Showtime! – in the past weeks, Freida Pinto made her way to the 2017 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival yesterday. She was photographed in two tents at the area, for Victoria’s Secret and H&M. Pictures from both appearances have been added to our photo gallery.

Pictures from “Guerrilla” Emmy FYC Event

Last night, Freida Pinto and her Guerrilla team made their last stop for the press tour at a “For Your Consideration” Emmy event in Los Angeles. She looked fantastic in a pink Bally suit as she talked about the mini-series with the crowd in the WGA Theater. Check out over 150 pictures in our photo gallery! Big thanks to my friend Bubbles for the HQ images.

Pictures from UK Morning Shows “Lorraine” & “Sunday Brunch”

The promotion tour for Guerrilla has been non-stop for Freida Pinto, and the past days was spent in the UK. On Sunday, she appeared on the morning show Sunday Brunch, and then on Monday she talked about the new Showtime mini-series on Lorraine. Pictures from both talk shows have been added to our photo gallery!

Freida and Milo Ventimiglia together in photo-shoot for Variety Studio!

Freida and Milo Ventimiglia did a photo-shoot for Variety Studio in April, 02. They interview each other to promoting the TV Serie “Guerrilla” that will release this month.

All (beautiful) pictures are in our gallery!

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April, 02 – Variety Studio Actors on Actors presented by Shutterstock, Los Angeles, USA

Gallery Candids: Freida out in Los Angeles

In March 18, Freida was out in Los Angeles. Check all pictures in our gallery!



Gallery Link:
Mar 18 – Seen leaving Catch LA in West Hollywood

Gallery Candids: Freida is seen leaving Catch LA in West Hollywood

In 09 March, Freida Pinto is seen leaving Catch LA in West Hollywood. Check all pictures in our gallery!

Gallery Link:
Mar 09 – Seen leaving Catch LA in West Hollywood

Live from Cannes: Freida Pinto on New Female Media Company Called We Do It Together

Live from Cannes: Freida Pinto on New Female Media Company Called We Do It Together
At the Cannes Film Festival, Freida Pinto discusses the newly announced film from We Do It Together, a non-profit dedicated to female-driven content.

Founded in 2015 by Italian filmmaker Chiara Tilesi, We Do It Together, a non-profit film finance and production company dedicated to female-driven content, announced its first feature film this week at the Cannes Film Festival. Titled Together Now, the film is a series of seven shorts pairing a female director with an actress to tell an inspiring story. Freida Pinto, the 31-year-old actress who broke out in 2008′s Slumdog Millionaire, has been paired with director Katia Lund (City of God), and both women touched down in Cannes to promote the initiative.

Turns out, the duo, who have been friends for five years, were trying to make a film together even before this opportunity arose. “The project started with us, we were there before it was born,” begins Lund. “Freida and I were trying to make a film together, but we needed a financing model, so I went to Chiara who I had collaborated with before and told her we wanted to make a film. That same week, two other women had asked her the same question, so she went to a lawyer and got the model for this nonprofit,” she explains, as to how the project came to life.

Lund will accompany Pinto on a trip to Bombay later this week, where Pinto is starring in a new feature film produced by Tabrez Noorani (Life of Pi and Slumdog Millionaire), who they hope to work with for their segment of Together Now. “It’s a luxury that Katia will be able to spend time on set with me because we’ve never really seen how the other one works, so it will be really helpful in a way,” Pinto explains. While they are unsure as to how the plot will unfold, they want it to take place in either Brazil or Bombay. “The beauty of a project like this is that you have creative freedom,” Lund explains. “So who knows, maybe we’ll film in both!”

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