Scans from Esquire UK’s April Issue

To celebrate the UK release of Trishna – in cinemas today – I have added site exclusive HQ scans from the April issue of British Esquire. Freida Pinto looks beyond gorgeous in the editorial (already available in the gallery), and the interview is a very interesting read as well. Be sure to check out the scans right away by clicking on the previews below.

  • Aaron Menefee

    I am not a man in the habit of commenting on celebrities websites, or anyone for that matter. In fact when it comes to the subject of women I have all but given up my efforts. However, I know the probability of you personally reading this is about the same as Pluto becoming a planet again, but I wanted to write you and say that if God gave me the opportunity to personally speak to you, I would tell you that there is beauty..and then there are some things in this universe that go beyond the vocabulary of man.I’ve read you have a boyfriend, of course. But over my years I’ve learned to read the eyes of individuals, true love has eluded me as it has you.