New Layout at the Video Archive

I have added a brand new layout over at the Freida Pinto Video Archives! This is due to the fact that A) It was long overdue and B) I have modified the archives to be easier to navigate. Because not only is there a new look, but unnecessary stuff have been removed as well, for an easier viewing experience.

I also wanted to ask you. Are there any videos in particular you’d like to see in the archives? I will do my best to add more in the coming weeks, but suggestions are always welcomed! Looking forward to hearing from you, and I hope you will like the new look!

  • Marina

    There is a video I’ve been searching for for a long time and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Freida and Dev had an inverview with Tyra Banks, where they taught her some dance moves. I’d love to see the whole interview!

  • Emma

    Hi Freida is on the Cover of Sunday Times Culture Magazine( one of UK’s most read Magazine).Here is the link