Welcome to Version 7 of Freida Pinto Fan

First of all, I want to apologize for the lack of updates as of late. I’ve been out of town (New York City, to be more specific) and without Internet access, except for the rare Twitter-updates I’ve managed to do. But we’re back now – with a brand new layout to boot!

For a more festive look to celebrate the winter and different holidays that still lies ahead, I have managed to come up with a new look featuring a beautiful picture of Freida Pinto from the photoshoot she did for Blackbook magazine last year. I will continue with the regular updates as well as update all the pages on the site with new information. You can look forward to a few new pages as well. Keep checking back for all that!

I hope you will like the new Freida Pinto Fan and keep visiting the site. Any thoughts on the layout? Write me a comment! Thanks. Also, if you find any bugs or other things that I’ve missed, please let me know by dropping a comment or e-mail me (freidapintofan.com@gmail.com). Thank you, and enjoy!

  • hey

    what’s new project of freida ?

  • Freida doesn’t have any new projects confirmed yet. She’s said herself that she’s currently just looking around for interesting scripts. Right now she’s just enjoying her free time. But I think her next film will be announced soon.

  • hey

    Okay ! Good luck for ms Pinto and thank you !

  • Frederik

    The new layout looks stunning! Congrats.

  • The new layout is just – WOW!!! *_*